2020 Results

First Prize - Acquisitive

Margaret Ambridge Struggling to Remember

Margaret Ambridge, Struggling to Remember, 2020 | Charcoal from fire, compressed charcoal and raindrops on paper, 71 x 140 cm 

I collected burnt branches from fire ravaged country and started drawing with the crumbled charcoal. I became immersed in the ‘scrub’ while I was drawing. The interruption of raindrops falling on the iron roof of the studio seemed so at odds with the rain parched land I was drawing.

I took the partly finished work outside and let the raindrops fall on the paper.

The charcoal ‘splattered’, and the paper sucked up the moisture. I continued adding charcoal, and the paper remembered where the raindrops had fallen.

Our land is struggling to remember. 


Creator Margaret Ambridge
Main Title Struggling to Remember
Date Created 2020

Charcoal from fire, compressed charcoal and

raindrops on paper

Accession No TBC
Credit Line Winner Pro Hart Outback Art Prize, 2020




Second Prize

Ann Evers Contained and Baked in the Desert Bakers Tin and Woven Vessels.jpg

Ann Evers : Contained and Baked in the Desert, 2020 

Contained and Baked in the Desert” found its shape during this time of self- isolation. The vessels took on a life of their own inside these small compartments… much like most of us have done. They have all been made from plants collected in Far West NSW - plants which are increasingly vulnerable in this time of ongoing drought and baking summers.

Peoples Choice Award