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Alice Blanch is an emerging Australian artist working within the mediums of sound, video, installation and analogue photography. Alice’s practice involves long periods of time hiking and residing in remote areas of the natural environment. Alice seeks to understand more deeply the relationship between things through quiet observation and contemplation during these experiences in nature.

Since graduating from a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours, in 2012 Alice has traveled and exhibited her artwork extensively around Australia and has been selected for inclusion in numerous art prizes across the country. 

 Alice currently lives in Tarntanya Adelaide and is a committee member of Floating Goose Studios Inc.





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Alice Blanch : Mt Serle, Ikara-Flinders Ranges. 2019  | Photograph, 55 x 160 cm 

Finalist, 2020 Pro Hart Outback Art Prize


Photographed from the edge of the Gammon Ranges this panoramic scene depicts Mt Serle and the surrounding landscape belonging to the Adnyamathanha people. This serendipitous buildup of exposures hint at the different life this lands has seen, from an ancient past of being surrounded by some of the largest mountain ranges on earth, to a significant place for Adnyamathanha women to gather, share and learn for tens of thousands of years, and to the most recent European pastoral use and the impact it has had on the degradation of the land. The layers of history in the landscape are tangible, ghosts from the past entwine with the present shaping its sense of place.

The panoramic format was created by utilizing the basic function of a 1930’s Box Brownie Camera to capture multiple in-camera, overlapping exposures. The film is exposed once then wound through the camera randomly and exposed again and wound on again etc The camera is moved slightly during this process to capture the whole panoramic landscape. The film is then processed and scanned into the computer to be printed at a large scale. There is no cropping or chopping together of this work in photoshop- what you see is what appears on the original photographic negative, all the overlapping is serendipitously done in camera.  

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