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Outback artist, teacher and photographer, Clark has been travelling the remote outback roads for decades.

After first arriving in Broken Hill, a sense of curiosity and wonder led Clark to begin travelling the region’s dirt roads, sometimes travelling as far as 300kms. Fascinated by “the laser bright intensity of the outback sunlight and the way it makes colour vibrate”, Clark has spent the past 40 years taking inspiration from remote outback landscapes to create his renowned artworks.

Travelling through stations and sleeping in shearers’ quarters, Clark would often knock on the doors of isolated homesteads hoping to meet the people who lived in this fascinating land. This curiosity led him to meet and befriend many unique outback characters, amass an enviable collection of experiences and stories, and gain valuable insight into life in the ‘bush’.

Clark’s on site artworks seek to capture the colourful glory of nature’s morning and evening light. "The rotation of the earth makes my day!" The large studio works and 3D constructions communicate Clark’s spiritual connection to the landscape and its unique history.




Clark Barrett Drover's Long Paddock Saddle Acrylic Custom Wood Canvas and Rope on Board.jpg


Clark Barrett : Drover's Long Paddock Saddle, 2020 | Acrylic, wood, canvas and rope on board, 90 x 90 x 6 cm

Finalist, 2020 Pro Hart Outback Art Prize


I am passionate about the history of the Broken Hill districts. To me there are no mute landscapes.

The background is an old map of the Milparinka NSW district showing the Transit Stock Reserves = TSR. Stock were allowed to feed along the State road margins as they were walked to market in the more settled areas. Hence the term 'long paddock'.

The objects hanging from the saddle are things a drover would have in their travel kits.

The use of custom wood 'objects' allows for the breaking of the flat plane of the artwork - and a tongue in cheek way of engaging the audience in our history.

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