Ian Marr

Ian Marr headshot black and white

Ian Marr has worked in many forms of expression since 1970's, in pen & ink drawing, large scale watercolour, oils on canvas, slate & copper sheet, in letter carvings in state, sandstone and granite.

His inscription always works draw on shared culture, use poetry, scientific texts and common usage to create surprise and sensory engagement in public and private domains.




Ian Marr A Mind Map of Momba Carved Mintaro Slate


Ian Marr : A Mind Map of Momba, 2020 | Mintaro slate, 8.5 x 203 x 160 cm 

Finalist, 2020 Pro Hart Outback Art Prize


The work is a drawn and carved landscape, memory and history field recounting the people and places encompassed by the nineteenth century pastoral holding known as 'Momba', and its neighbours. It is a monumental piece of Mintaro slate brownback, intended to be displayed either as a low bench or tabletop.

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