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Jason Hamilton (b. 1988) is an Australian visual artist who grew up in rural Victoria. Jason received a BA Design (Communication Design) from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia (2009).
His work often explores identity, growing up with Italian-Australian heritage, the Australian landscape and colloquial iconography and design. Hamilton uses photography, sculpture and installation to examine his surroundings, often adopting the position of artist as archivist, his practice documents everyday experiences. 
Jason is the co-founder of Hillvale Photo, an independent photo lab based in Brunswick, Melbourne, since 2013.
He lives and works in Melbourne, Australia, on the unceded lands of the Boon Wurrung and Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation.





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Jason Hamilton, Cahills Crossing 2019 | Mintaro slate, 8.5 x 203 x 160 cm 

Finalist, 2020 Pro Hart Outback Art Prize


Cahills Crossing on East Alligator River — one of Australia’s deadliest road crossings — is located at the edge of Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. 

The low bridge connecting the two lands, overflows at high tide, allowing fish to travel upstream, and with that, transforming in to a hotspot for large salt water crocodiles (salties) which come to feast. 

High tide also brings locals looking to fish and has become a spot for tourists to get a look at salties in the wild. Cahills Crossing is a notorious spot for washing away vehicles from those that attempt the dangerous crossing at the wrong time. Videos have emerged of trapped four-wheel drives and regular sedans caught in the current, leaving the occupants waist deep in croc infested waters at feeding time. 

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