Lindy Brodie

Lindy Brodie

Lindy Nungarrayi Brodie was born a 14th of February1973, grew up in Alroy Downs (270 km North East of Tennant Creek) and speaks Warramungu.

She started her career in Alice Springs at Jukurrpa Arts before moving to Tennant Creek to join Julalikari Arts or Pink Palace in 2003. Finally, she joined Barkly Regional Arts in 2012.

Her paintings often revisit the story of her family during the 1940s. Earlier in her career, she has been known for a series of paintings recording of the building of the Alice Springs-Darwin rail link through her country.  





Lindy Brodie Police Plane Over Singleton Acrylic on Canvas


Lindy Brodie, Police Plane Over Singleton 2019  | Acrylic on canvas, 91 x 61 cm 

Finalist, 2020 Pro Hart Outback Art Prize


We gone Single’on (Singleton station, 350 km North of Alice Springs), we have a meeting (Land Council) and look on grandfather side (country), look on soakage there. And plane gone, police plane. And there is a rock there, bore, and the highway follow the road, and trees, fence from Alice Springs to Darwin and grass and trees, and water, and hill, ant hills, and the people in the plane, prison plane and they gone to Alice Springs, no Tennant Creek, I think, for … have a court… Yeah

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