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Margaret combines the power of drawing with a passionate interest in humanity and arts, using the capacity of art to influence and connect with individuals.

Winner of the 9th Prospect Portrait Prize 2017, and finalist in many major art prizes, including the Glover, Waterhouse, Muswellbrook, Alice Prize, Outback Prize and Fleurieu art prizes, and an invited artist to the Kedumba drawing award, her work is held in public and private national, and international art collections.

Margaret is concerned with the intensely personal aspects of life- the subjects and experiences most often avoided or ignored. Her work explores the implications and experiences associated with age at both ends of life; the strictures of love and relationships, of sexual identity and of the social taboo’s we live by, often unconsciously and unchallenged.

Margaret’s work involves the endless laying down and subsequent erasing of marks. This method of mark making is slow. The passage of time allows her to explore her own responses to her subjects, and provides the opportunity to understand much more about the boundaries we place on each other and our environment.






Margaret Ambridge Struggling to Remember Charcoal and Rain on Paper.jpg


Margaret Ambridge, Struggling to Remember  2020 | Charcoal from fire, compressed charcoal and raindrops on paper, 71 x 140 cm

Winner, 2020 Pro Hart Outback Art Prize


I collected burnt branches from fire ravaged country and started drawing with the crumbled charcoal. I became immersed in the ‘scrub’ while I was drawing. The interruption of raindrops falling on the iron roof of the studio seemed so at odds with the rain parched land I was drawing.

I took the partly finished work outside and let the raindrops fall on the paper.

The charcoal ‘splattered’, and the paper sucked up the moisture. I continued adding charcoal, and the paper remembered where the raindrops had fallen.

Our land is struggling to remember.

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