Ross Potter

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Ross Potter is a West Australian artist whose work focuses on the details in our everyday lives, highlighting the escapism that exists in the simplicity of our very own reality.  Using Graphite on Paper, while altering perspectives and challenging our sense of place, Potter’s work captures aspects of the landscape and how we as a community interact with our surroundings. 





Ross Potter Dry Goanna Graphite on Paper

Ross Potter : Dry Goanna, 2019 | Graphite on paper, 163 x 72 cm 

Finalist, 2020 Pro Hart Outback Art Prize


While on an artist residency at Cossack WA in 2019, I developed a series of works that portray the struggle for survival that can be seen in such a remote region. I used subjects that are still and lifeless but tell a story of the intersecting histories, from the adaptation of the custodians to the tribulations of the settlers and then the flora and fauna in the backgrounds that play host to these tales of sorrow

This work is the "Dry Goanna", it represents the fauna and its untimely death as it is struggles to adapt to our modern world.

"Frozen in its last phrase without memory or consciousness, still and brittle remains lay on display as they are ever so slowly fed back to the earth. The lifeless warrior rests on the hill overlooking the world that it once was a part of. Fragments dance like cloth in the subtle breeze as this once strong creature evolves to comprehend the understanding of nothingness. Once walking proud and confidently on this land the departed now walks amongst the loneliness."

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