Wayne Elliott

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Wayne Elliott is a contemporary outsider artist based in regional Victoria. His artworks seek to not only provide a unique perspective of the land, but to tell the unique stories that exist within. A perspective he first discovered as a young man, sitting atop the extinct volcano that towered over his small town – amazed to see his childhood before him, in just one view.

For the last 30 years, Wayne’s vibrant and colourful paintings have given voice to the vast and varied landscapes of our world, from cities, to stadiums, to desert plains. His works have exhibited locally and abroad; in London, Poland, Finland, New York, Berlin and Montreal. With two pieces finding their permanent home at museums in Canada and Serbia. Wayne has also been a finalist in a number of national and international art prizes.





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Wayne Elliot, Warumungu country 2019 | Acrylic on canvas, 92 x 92 cm 

Finalist, 2020 Pro Hart Outback Art Prize


Warumungu country" is a story of land, culture and people, and the relationships that exist between them. It explores the idea of regrowth, and how environments evolve through time.

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