Samunnat Nepal

Samunnat beads and artisans

Samunnat Nepal began when some friends wanted to help women escape domestic violence and trafficking.  They know that many women in Nepal are extremely vulnerable to violence and exploitation. They also know that simply rescuing them or giving them financial assistance is only a short term and ultimately short-sighted solution.

They decided to work with the women and provide:

  • Free or affordable legal assistance;
  • Advocacy and human rights training;
  • Specific income-generating skill training;
  • Counselling for the women as required; and
  • Support as the women re-establish themselves and their families in new communities. They knew that this was particularly important as the women are sometimes unwelcome in their home towns.

The friends used their own funds to form Samunnat Nepal which was registered as a non-government organisation (NGO) in 2007.

Samunnat Nepal continues to grow in scope and energy. They are largely sustained by selling gorgeous, ecologically sensitive and sustainable products for both local and overseas markets. There is now hope, colour and laughter where there was once sadness!