Join the team

Broken Hill City Council has entered an exciting new era of progression, development and change. We are recognised as Australia’s First Nationally Heritage Listed City, are a powerhouse for renewable energies and, are leading the way as a smart and sustainable community. We offer an exciting, vibrant and inclusive workplace with a wide variety of options for people from all backgrounds.

As an organisation, Council has been proclaimed as a national trailblazer for gender equity and earned praise as a role model for other organisations in Australia to follow.

Committed to achieving excellence, employees are supported in the workplace through an organisational culture of trust, training, education and skill development.

We are a family of over 150 dedicated, caring, passionate people from all walks of life who have chosen to serve the city. We maintain roads, organise events, run facilities, assist tourists, plan for the future, and work towards the common goal of providing the best possible outcomes for Broken Hill.

Our work is the city that surrounds us. When you join our team, your results and success are evident in every facet of city life. We work together every day to shape a community and create a city that we are truly proud of.

As part of Broken Hill City Council you will ‘play your role’ and in doing so, ‘think like the customer’, so that you go home each evening feeling fulfilled with what you have achieved.

For us it is about organisational fit. Our team is not made up of drama queens or kings, keyboard warriors, loud mouths or people who are indiscreet.

Put simply, our team values trust and working together to strive to do the best we can each day for our community, without pretense.