Apply for an Exhibition

installation image of barka, the forgotten river - Badger Bates and Justine Muller, 2018


The Broken Hill City Art Gallery has an extensive exhibition program consisting of shows from local, national and international artists.

The exhibition program is generally booked two years in advance. Please read below for guidelines on How to apply for an exhibition and what is expected in your proposal.

Guidelines for Submitting a Proposal


Submissions will be accepted online only, when the application period is open.

When applications are open, there will be an online application form below.


What should my proposal include?

  1. A short biography or curriculum vitae, and contact address/email/telephone.
  2. A one page exhibition/project outline simply explaining:
    ▪ Your ideas, purpose or concept.
    ▪ What benefit or relevance it would have to: the local community and wider
    ▪ Practicalities such as dimensions, number of works
  3. Photographs, digital images, video or audio of your work, clear and detailed examples, as much
    like the work you intend to exhibit as possible (maximum 10 files).

Proposal Assessment

Your proposal will be assessed by a panel which will include the Gallery and Museum Manager and another Gallery staff member, for its’ potential interest to our audiences.

Your proposal does not need to address all of the criteria, however if it is not accepted it may be because we have already scheduled similar exhibitions.

Selection Criteria

The following forms the basic criteria for decision-making in relation to exhibitions managed by BHRAG, however the final discretion for exhibition selection will be with the Gallery and Museum Manager.

  • Artistic integrity, quality and clarity: The potential to uphold elements of artistic expression, for example, innovation, uniqueness, creativity, skill, value. Whether the standard of work and concept is appropriate to the nature of the proposed exhibition and whether they meet the standards of a professional public exhibition space. Ability to interpret the exhibition proposal and ascertain the feasibility of the proposal with an emphasis on articulation and legibility.
  • Source and cultural sensitivity: Proven ability of the artist, curator or Touring Agent to develop and deliver  exhibitions of a high standard. Whether the exhibition content and concepts fall within accepted industry guidelines relating to social and cultural interpretation.
  • Cost to the venue and resources: Potential cost implications to the venue: e.g. additional insurance, hire fees,  transport costs. Provision of additional resources, such as education kits, catalogues and interpretive information that would enable audiences to better understand and appreciate artworks on display.
  • Practicalities and environment: Consideration of any practical difficulties in hosting exhibitions: access and  installation, public safety, size and weight of work. Consideration of the proposal in relation to the exhibition  environment including security, climate control, sound and lighting.
  • Program, relevance, appeal and links: The relationship of exhibition content and concept to the overall program schedule. Relevance to the BHRAG Business Plan i.e. the exhibition program is informed by the vision, mission, goals and priorities set out in the current Strategic Plan. Applicability and interest to a stated audience. Our venue
    is utilised by a varied demographic and must therefore be accessible and relevant to the general public. Whether there are any City or regional links to the proposal and consideration of educational potential associated with workshops, seminars and artist talks.
  • Partnerships: The exhibition program supports the development, expansion and strengthening of important  partnerships and alliances with key regional/national/international galleries and touring organisations.

Gallery Floor Plans & Inspections

Floor plans of the Gallery can be found here. Broken-Hill-Regional-Art-Gallery-Floor-Plans-2019.pdf(PDF, 850KB)

You may request an inspection of potential spaces and discuss them with Gallery Staff. This is by appointment only.

You may request an appointment here.

Gallery Terms & Conditions

Exhibition Installation

Installation of successful proposals will be undertaken by the Gallery staff.


  • The Gallery has a conventional vertical hanging system and a track lighting system.
  • The Gallery has a limited number of wooden plinths for displaying 3-D works.
  • The Gallery provides installation assistance, labelling, an exhibition opening, invitation printing and all marketing (print and digital).

Please note: If your exhibition proposal requires special installation equipment you should contact the Gallery before submitting your proposal.


The Gallery takes a commission of 33% on all sales made through exhibitions on the premises.


The Gallery reserves the right to cancel any exhibition if it is deemed inappropriate or offensive or if the content in any way contravenes local, state and federal legislation.


For further enquiries about preparing or submitting your proposal, please contact:

Darren Parker

Installation Officer


Applications are currently closed.