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artsCOOL  2024!

The Broken Hill City Art Gallery returns with our much loved after school program.

Term 2 Registrations are open.

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Early Primary (K – Y2) 

This term students will explore a range of activities that have been developed from a range of artist disciplines including sculpture, drawing, printing and painting. These projects have an emphasis on intuition and choice-making which aims to nurture individual fulfillment.  

Through an eight-week journey, children will discover fresh avenues of self-expression. This approach fosters creative problem-solving and lateral thinking, enhancing learning in all areas. It provides a platform for celebrating individuality and prioritises the well-being of each student, fostering an environment where they can think expansively and thrive. 


Late Primary (Y3- Y6) 

The primary focus for this eight-week program will be on fostering connection - connection to their artmaking journey and to their peers. 

There will be a light introduction to artist research and its impact on the creative process. Students will explore how various artists influence and inspire their own artmaking and they will receive introductions to discipline-specific techniques. 

Through this approach, students will not only refine their artistic skills but also develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationship to the artistic community. 


Teen (Y7- Y12) 

This eight-week program is rooted in specific art movements, meticulously paired with relevant projects to deepen students' artistic knowledge and skill. Each movement serves as a springboard for exploration, fostering creativity and nurturing individual passions.  

Through hands-on projects and guided exploration, participants will not only gain a comprehensive understanding of various artistic styles but also develop their unique artistic voices.  

By intertwining theory with practice, this program empowers students to unleash their creativity and pursue their artistic passions with confidence and enthusiasm.