Category A - Open Award : First Prize

Kim Harris - 3 Boomerangs

Kim Andrew Harris | 3 painted boomerangs, Acrylic paint on carved wood, 2019 

Category A - Open Award : Second Prize

David Doyle - Now and Then

David Doyle | Now & Then; Carved Mulga Wood, 2019

Category B - Young Artist Award : Winner

 Amelia Whyman - Clay is the colour of the river

 Amelia Whyman | Clay is the colour of the River, Clay, paint, glaze; 2019

Encouragement Award

Matthew Quayle - Paakintji

Matthew Quayle Matthew Quayle | Paakintji, Stories from my Grandmother, Acrylic on Handkerchiefs; 2019

'Because we have no Darling River now, this painting represents the way the Darling River was years ago – and the size of fish that we used to catch with worms. We used to see the fish because the water was so clear. When I was
young we used to help my grandmother carry her cooking utensils to the river then we’d go to school. At lunchtime
we’d go back to the river and my grandmother Amy Quayle would have our lunch ready waiting for us – fish and johnnycakes. She was a beautiful woman. She taught me everything. Because I didn’t have any money for a board, I painted this on a handkerchief.

My grandmother taught me that the porcupine fat is good for our skin. It makes it soft. It is also good eating. The fat is
like chewing gum when it is cold. You can chew it all day. The way to cook it is, you boil it to get the quills off then you
chuck it in a hole. That’s just the Paakintji way of cooking porcupine.'


Peoples Choice Award

Brady Prescott - Two Cultures 2019 Acrylic on Canvas Ink on Tapa

Brady Prescott | Two Cultures, Acrylic on Canvas, Ink on Tapa; 2019