Rachel Peachey & Paul Mosig - The Terrestrial Scene

The Terrestrial Scene Installation Photograph by Peachy Mosig 2.jpg



Family duo, Peachy Mosig visited Broken Hill during the Autumn and Winter of 2019 to develop new work with the support of the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery. They spent most evenings exploring the surrounding landscapes, contemplating geological time and their responses to it, approaching these experiences with the understanding that knowledge of nature cannot be obtained by force and that through observation of nature there comes an implied understanding of the self.

The couple spent time with their children and members of the community capturing video that suggests a more human scale story of landscape transformation and the opposing forces of community & commerce and nature & industry.

Documentation of their time spent in Broken Hill can be found at: https://rppm.co/work/broken-hill-regional-art-gallery-residency/


Peachy Mosig developed final work, The Terrestrial Scene; a 3-channel video documenting their field studies and experiences of Broken Hill. The Terrestrial Scene was an immersive installation constructed inside an empty industrial building in the heritage city of Broken Hill. The work was made with the support of the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery and generous members of the community.


There is sometimes a moment underground where you find yourself alone. All you can see comes from the light on your hard hat and if I turn this light off, I am in the most complete darkness. Standing there in this black space, it doesn’t matter if your eyes are open or closed, it is the same kind of nothing.


You can view the work here: https://rppm.co/work/the-terrestrial-scene/