Robbie Rowlands - NEARNESS

Robbie Rowlands - NEARNESS Installation, Broken Hill 2018




Through exploring Broken Hill and the surrounding landscape, Rowlands was drawn to moments that offered unique perspectives of this experience. Rather than being drawn to the vast wondrous landscape, Rowlands turned his gaze to sites and materials that, in their solitude offered distinctive qualities that he felt framed his experience.

The outcome for the exhibition set in the grounds and building of the West Darling Machinery Preservation Society brings together documentation from many of Rowlands site explorations and most importantly adds a collaborative element where Rowlands worked with the members to build this show.

The rich industrial environment with evidence of the members love of history and preservation adds an optimistic note to many of the works, transforming Rowlands destructive action to one that possibly revitalizes the forms or sites, or at the least supplies a moment of contemplation to the loss that is around us.

Special thanks to Rex and Janet Lorde and the members of the West Darling Preservation Society, Mitch Wilmont, Neil Wilmont and extended family from the Owl Barn.

Full documentation of the residency can be found at: