First Prize - Acquisitive

Patrick Mung Mung BOORNOOLOOLOO (Purnululu) Ochre and Natural pigments on linen, 2019

Patrick Mung-Mung | BOORNOOLOOLOO (Purnululu) ; Ochre and Natural pigments on linen, 2019

'That one Boornoolooloo (Purnululu) - Bungle Bungle Country,' Patrick Mung Mung says. Through his late father, senior Gija leader and esteemed cross-cultural communicator George Mung Mung, Patrick is a traditional owner of the world heritage listed Boornoolooloo (Purnululu).

Of this work Patrick says, 'That's all that sandy hill country with green grasses and the old people used to live there in the old days like a village.'

'That one Boornoolooloo (Purnululu) - Bungle Bungle Country.'



Creator Mung-Mung, Patrick (1944)
Main Title BOORNOOLOOLOO (Purnululu)
Date Created 2019
Medium Ochre and Natural pigments on linen
Accession No TBC
Credit Line Winner Pro Hart Outback Art Prize, 2019




Second Prize

Rachaeldaisy Dodd_I Love A Sunburnt Country ; Textile, 2018

Rachaeldaisy Dodd | I Love A Sunburnt Country ; Textile, 2018

'The Australian Outback is the heart and soul of Australia. I’ve used tea towels from the kitchen, the room that is the heart and soul of our homes to create a quilt that represents the comfort of home and of knowing a place is home, the feeling that we can wrap ourselves in the identity of this great land.

It’s also a quilt that is an expression of the often self deprecating wry humour that is so Australian and very expressive of Outback Australia. You couldn’t survive without a sense of humour.' 

Peoples Choice Award

Laura Patterson, the Irony of Gardening Artwork


Laura Patterson | The Irony of Gardening, 2018

'Psychedelic Topography is a landscape painting channeling the feeling of outback Australia as imagined by a 1970's idealist with utopian hopes, lost in the desert, on her last breath and therefore connected to the red earth and the midnight stars.'



Catalogue available to download here.(PDF, 18MB)