First Prize - Acquisitive

181 - Abdul-Rahman Abdullah - Footprint.jpg

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah | Footprint, Hand carved wood, oil paints, stain; 2017

'Footprint' acknowledges our complicity in building a privileged lifestyle on the proceeds of avarice. The Kangaroo skin becomes a visitor’s whimsy, twisted underfoot by the relentless dream of ownership at any cost. To ignore the cost of taking so much is to deny the inherent violence of entitlement.'



Creator Abdullah, Abdul-Rahman (1977)
Main Title Footprint
Date Created 2017
Medium Hand carved wood, oil paints, stain
Accession No  2018.0009
Credit Line Winner, Pro Hart Outback Art Prize, 2017




Second Prize

036 - Kristin Haskett - Untitled.jpg

Kristin Haskett | Untitled; Japanese Ink on Hosho Paper, 2017

'My work is about the landscape in central Australia and the experience of being in it. Making marks back in the studio using memory and feelings of the space inform my work. The collage is formed with torn Hosho paper to convey and re-imagine this experience.'

Peoples Choice Award

076 - Sally West - Down The Paddock Plein Air.jpg  

Sally West | Down the Paddock - Plein Air; Oil on Canvas, 2017

'This is my Dad's old ute that he has had for a million years. It has done about a million miles and sounds like it is about to die - but strangely it just keeps going. This day I was setting up to start painting down the paddock, and he came through the gate to go move some sheep. I begged him to keep the ute there so I could paint him. He agreed and went and got the 4 wheeler motorbike to continue on with his work.'


Catalogue available to download here.(PDF, 20MB)